Smooth Genestar
Downbeat . Lounge . Chillout . NuJazz
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Remixing tracks always has been a great pleasure and challenge to me. Not because i think i could reinvent a track which already exists or even i could this track better. To me, its exciting to transform a track into another musical genre and to work with the limitations of only a few given sounds by the original artists, which inspires me to create the maximum within using a minimum of sounds plus adding my personal signature. No matter what the musical genre of the original track is, its truly exciting and inspiring to experiment how it could sound in another musical context or genre. On remixing, its part of my philosophy to cross musical borders to give the artist an impression of what his initial idea could sound. Besides remixing, i also offer audio post-mastering on the analog Allen&Heath GL-2200 432 mixing console. I am open to any kind of electric music, so feel free to contact me for your remixing requests.