Smooth Genestar
Downbeat . Lounge . Chillout . NuJazz
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Releases . Smooth Genestar - Music for sleepless cities

Smooth Genestar returns with a massive load of Lounge, NuJazz, TripHop and Downbeat: 3 hours and 21 tracks full of deep, melancholic and uplifting vibes, always influenced by Oldschool HipHop and Jazz. These tracks have been written with Love, and they are dedicated to all those restless Hotspots and peoples - who turn the cities into sleepless cities. This collection of pure and calming urban tracks is meant to be the perfect soundtrack for all sunset people or night owls. Joining a good glass of wine at home, working or studying at night or as musical painting for Late Nite Bars - the included tracks will fit every situation and every need. For the sleepless ones. For the cities. For the urban adventures. And at least - for your senses.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 | Download this free release