Besides my other musical projects , i established "Smooth" back in 2OO6 to seperate the progressive flavoured output from my other musical projects and to dive a little deeper into sounds and other musical genres.

Meanwhile, "Smooth" has become a project for research in Dubtechno, Deep House, Garage House, UK House and Progressive, as these styles have been important influences over the bygone years. Early Drum&Bass and 2-Step also gives me lots of inspirations till the presents days.

I always try to combine driving beats with deep, living sound atmospheres. In that case, artists like Dave Angel, Beroshima, The Source Experience, Resistance D. - just to name a few - played an important roll to me.

Speaking about Dubtechno, Iceland artist Yagya with his album "Snowflakes" is the biggest musical influence to me besides Yatsuo Motoki or early releases on Echospace Detroit, Echochord, Basic Channel or Chain Reaction. My intention is to fuse elements and phrases of these different styles, to create a special kind of flow and to step beyond musical borders. I love to fuse lively pads with dubby chords and elements of Techno, Trance, Progressive Trance and House.

I started producing back in 1996, and since that time, i tried many electronic musical genres. To melt the best of all those genres into one is definately an exciting experience. On my productions, i primary use hardware gear, supported also by some certain software. Its not wrong to pick the best of both worlds. If it sounds right, it is right.

Beside producing, mastering, sound design and graphic design, i operate the non-commercial audio netlabel "CYAN" in cooperation with Jaja. If you like as many different electronic music genres as i do and if you are curious about musical fusions, expect to find further unique releases there, released free under a creative commons license.

iMac, Logic Pro X, Arturia Keylab Essential 61, Allen&Heath GL-22OO 432, RME Fireface 8O2, Lexicon PCM-92, Akai S-2OOO, EMU ESI-4OOO, Emagic AMT-8, MOTU Midi-Express 128, Korg DW-8OOO, Roland JD-8OO, Roland D-5O, Roland D-11O, Roland JV-2O8O, Roland MC-3O3, Roland TR-626, Roland TR-5O5, Korg Monotron, TC Electronic D-Two, TC Electronic M-One XL, Behringer DSP-1OOO, Behringer DSP-2O24 Pro, DBX 215-S EQ, Soundcraft EPM-12, M-Audio BX-1O, Samson Resolv SE-8, EMU Xboard-25, Furman M-1OxE, 2x Phonic PPC-9OOOE, Gemini PS-626, 2x Technics 121O MKII