Terms of use | submitting tracks

The upload form gives you the opportunity to submit your track(s) to CYAN as MP3-File(s). Further, the input of your personal email address is necessary to get back to you for feedback. The input of these data takes place voluntarily. Your personal data on this website will not be processed on or transfered to third party.

The size of the files to be uploaded is limited to 50 MB per file. Only MP3-Files will be processed on and submitted to the server. The possibility of multiple uploads is not given, so you will have to upload your files track by track. The transfer of your file(s) can take a little time, depending on your connection bandwidth. If your bandwidth is too slow, a time-out of the connection could happen. In that case, try to upload using a better connection bandwidth. We are not responsible for any loss of data while using the upload form.

We define your submitted track(s) as "demo only". Submitting tracks does not mean we will sign or release your tracks on CYAN. In any case, you will receive a feedback via email.

Your submitted tracks are safe in our hands. We will not duplicate them, make them accessable to third party or share them on social networks.

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