To listen to Jaja is to enter the night sky. (Spieltrieb)

Jaja’s celestial orchestration made my body feel as if it was being lifted, gently falling through space. (Ally-Jane Grossan)

Jaja’s work offers us one of the closest approximations to the sublime in all of contemporary music. (Spieltrieb)

There is Jon Serrie and then there is JaJa... Slow, Rich and Deep excursions for stargazing or just quite time. All wonderfully composed and produced. What is also unique about JaJa's work is her choice of tuning which I think is creative and richly holistic... Please lookup "The Schumann Resonance". (Discipere)

I think she does the same great work like some masters of singingbowl meditation, only that she uses a minimalist setup of synths. Both, technically and meditative, her music plays in the highest and joyablest sphere´s. (In.Visible.Generator)

Dreamy, cosmic, serene. For my nights sleeping in the open. Beautiful. (Max Corbacho)

I am simply lost in her works, and I could not be more at peace. This is as inspiring as it is beautiful. Thus far, as I slowly travel into the world of ambient music, I find myself unable to move on from certain artists, Jaja being one of those composers who grips her listeners with a sense of passion unseen in much of the genre. (Autumn Amelia-Elizabeth-Raine Sinclaire)

This is an EP that last almost twice the average length of an LP. It feels like each note of piano here is describing one star, with not one single star in the universe being skipped. In the end you can feel the wholeness and be in harmony with it. (Solar Weave)

Not that other works are excellent, however there is something to the improvised nature of these explorations that take on another dimension. They come from the internal calmness of the composer, and it is definitely something that can reach the audience by simply allowing themselves to be immersed in the sounds. (George De Bruin)

For those of you who have seen the film "2001 - A Space Odyssey", the atmosphere that "Sparkles" creates is similiar to the eerie mood of the final sequence in the white room, where the main character spots his future self spotting his past self, thus moving forwards in the cycle of life, towards death and, perhaps, rebirth. (Jan Roos)

This is space music: outer, inner, room-filling, head-expanding. It’s all loose sine waves given seconds — and, seemingly, eons — to chart their course. Slight modulations lend a sense of development to the glacial tones, texture provides a richness sometimes lost in synth-heavy work, and layers introduce metric play even when there is no self-evident rhythm. (Marc Weidenbaum)

More reflections:

"Tsin Pau" by Carlos Montemayor (from the Spanish by Bob Hays)


At nightfall I walk out into the garden.
I hear the purling of river water,
the chirr of nocturnal insects, wind
stirring the leaves of the trees.
There is no more wine in the house.
Above the mountains the sky is clear,
flecked with countless stars.
Why does the sky seem vaster
when there is no moon?
The darkness covers trees, footpaths, hills.
I can feel the world moving out there
in the dark, preparing things yet to come.
Why now does the silence seem vaster?
Night is densest down by the river.
I no longer know what to think.
I do not know if the night sky is an image
of what one day I will become,
or of what I might already be.

Even more reflections:

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My heartful thanks:

To my love Marco who share the same passion in music and life with me. To my fans around the world for their endless support. To Stephen Hill and Steve Davis at Hearts of Space for airing my music. To all astronomers who provide us an insight of the Universe. To all startravelers.

background photograph by ESO/B. Tafreshi