The music is part of our dreams. It comes from the universal heart. If music would be put into physical laws, the result would be a cosmic integral. Gravitation and levitation as form of oscillation and resonance. The simplicity of music is something which suprises me everytime again, with all the depth and mystery it holds. If you look in the world, you can see different cultures in cosmic unity. Connected through the stars and through the greatness of mind. Music means more to us than just entertainmant. It is part of our dreams and our hearts. It allows us to understand the moment and eternity.

In a world of peace there would probably be no incentive to strive for. The universe is full of joy and suffering, mankind can not refuse from it. For millennia, so the historical books and myths tell us, humans seek for perfection and happiness. And yet they create yearning through their feelings and ambitions. The universe is the sound of desire. The heart, when beating, is the resonant body and space for wideness. The stars are the echo of the heart, millions of years old, light-years away and yet close enough to touch. We connect us with the stars, with the entire galaxy philosophically. The science and our dreams point out our desires for a real connection to the stars. Astronomy has become part of humanity and yet we cannot catch the stars from the horizon. We would like to be cosmonauts of peace. We are researchers of the future and we write our discoveries in notes. Songs of the stars and of peace. Our longing is endless, as our dreams. Can we measure the end of our thoughts at all. Our hearts guide us into infinity, where the moment rests and stars are born. This is exactly where my music lies.
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    I release all my solo works exclusively on Cyan netlabel.

Oum (2011)
Ascend (2012)
Init (2012)
Talis (2013)
Here (2013)
Stars (2014)
Startrail (2014)
Endless (2014)

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My music is made live in the moments. This is my current equipment:

Roland JD-800 synthesizer (1991 model)
Korg DW-6000 synthesizer (1984 model)
TC Electronic M-One XL effect processor
Behringer Virtualizer DSP 1000 effect processor
Soundcraft EPM 12 studiomixer
Akai EIE Pro audio interface

I collaborate with these creative souls:

Ran Kirlian
Kati Astraeir
Stan K. Yeatts
Fabio Keiner
Marco Köller
  Jaja 2015    
  Roland JD-800    
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Picture credits:

"Infinite Worlds" (Endless cover excerpt) by Stan K. Yeatts

"Deer Lick Area" (NGC 7331, Stephan's quintet) by Giovanni Paglioli

"The Helix Nebula" (NGC 7293) by ESO

"Halpha" (Horse head nebula) by Roy Uyematsu

"Extra Galaxies" (NGC 3718, NGC 3729, HCG 56)
by 2006 Astr. Campers, Adam Block (Caelum Obs.), CSS, U. Arizona Alum. Assoc.

"The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies" (NGC 1365, NGC 1399, NGC 1316, swarm of faint globular clusters)
by ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA. Acknowledgment: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit

"The Leo Triplet of Galaxies" (M65, M66, NGC 3628) by Ian Sharp
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