Welcome to Starbase One. Raise the gravity module. You can now walk weightless. I wish you much joy with your findings. On the six starbases you see different information cells, musical zones, space objects, star diversions and data transmissions.

Information Module One:

Jaja is not an artist, she is not human. Jaja was been sent to the earth to get to know the people and to live as one of them. Jaja is one of the Phantasm, which appear in a non-real world and understand without words. She loves people and everything from the cosmos. Where Jaja has come from, life and togetherness is unaffected. Art does not exist and the music is created from dreams.

Information Module Two:

Music comes from waves as waves of the ocean. The Star Ocean is one of the favorite places of Jaja.

    Outer space wanderer you have reached Starbase Two. Fly with me through star fields and see cosmic constellations. Sense the wonder of universe together with me. Follow me to the galaxies, to life in space. We invent our dreams.

Musical Zone:

Data Transmission:

Beam to Starbase Six and find out Jaja's collaborative soulmates. She loves to share visions.
    You are now on Starbase Three. This is the download zone. Touch the covers for entrance and access music of my heart. The sound of our hearts revealing cosmic equality.

Space Objects:

Data Transmission:

Jaja loves atmospheric music. Discover her favorite label on Starbase Six.
    Star traveller you found your way to Starbase Four. Lets dive into few mystical backgrounds.

Information Module Three:

Jaja creates all music live in the moment. The cosmic result ranges from space music to contemporary ambient. All her solo music is exclusively released on Cyan netlabel. All works there are free for download as this is the mission. Jaja and her partner deeply believes in the spirit of free music. They also see the righteousness of balance of efforts.

Information Module Four:

Jaja makes music since 2009. She currently uses the following outboard sound equipment: The starship synthesizer Roland Jupiter Digital 800 (1991 model), the wonderful TC Electronic M-One XL effect processor, the analog Behringer Virtualizer DSP 1000 effect processor, the warmly sounding Soundcraft EPM 12 studiomixer and the mellow Akai EIE Pro audio interface.

    You now entered Starbase Five. Please check your systems. You can recharge your anti-gravity modules here. Take my hand for a journey into deep space and to far flung cosmic lands. Transcend to my dreams.

Musical Zone:

Data Transmission:

Jaja loves the cosmos. Travel to Starbase Six to find some space objects.
    Star wanderer you successful travelled to Starbase Six. Now fly with me to other stars. Touch the lines and eventuate.

Star Diversions:

Kati Astraeir - Beautiful divine creations. Stan K. Yeatts - Poetic senses and photographs. Ran Kirlian - Musical wizard and cosmonaut. Fabio Keiner - Minimal aesthetics. Marco K├Âller - Soul and rhythm.

Chain Reaction - Atmospheric music.

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Space Objects:

"Deer Lick Area" (NGC 7331, Stephan's quintet) by Giovanni Paglioli "The Helix Nebula" (NGC 7293) by ESO "Halpha" (Horse head nebula) by Roy Uyematsu "Extra Galaxies" (NGC 3718, NGC 3729, HCG 56)by 2006 Astr. Campers, Adam Block (Caelum Obs.), CSS, U. Arizona Alum. Assoc. "The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies" (NGC 1365, NGC 1399, NGC 1316, swarm of faint globular clusters) by ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA. Acknowledgment: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit "The Leo Triplet of Galaxies" (M65, M66, NGC 3628) by Ian Sharp