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  Welcome outer space wanderer


  Inspired by the universal dream-like manner.
To human love and the greatness of mind.


  Every music matches a perfect moment and if you discover it right in that moment it also matches you and maybe you will never forget.  


  Equipment: Roland JD-800, Korg DW-6000, Behringer Virtualizer DSP 1000, TC electronic M-One XL, AKAI EIE Pro, Soundcraft EPM 12



When i close my eyes, i see the dark eternal space within my head, within my body, within my heart and soul,
a black void, a vast eternity, then i close my eyes,
i feel within the blackness, i am the sea, i am the fjords, levitating and stretching out to the edge of outer space,
and i re-open my sense, i am no longer alone, darkness is drawing me and i let myself draw,
and i swim in the sea, i am the sea, the fjords and rivers, the perpetual source,
and i can't hear anymore, i only feel my head and my heart and my soul, i can feel the frontiers, the pressure, a thousend stars, gravitation pulls them,
and we re-open the perpetual levitation, a thousend stars, i hear them glittering, i see them, i see them fall through my body,
and i swim in the sea of stars and i am.


Far beyond the unmeasurable endless fields of stars,
in the depths of the vast ocean of the dark where no light beam ever reached the bottom ground,
and darkness was filled with all invisible forms of black,
there lay the land of Relativity.

The heart of that land of hope and fear was formed to a multidimensional labyrinthine galaxy of no light,
with giant corridors shaping in different forms with every step you take,
followed by intuition of those who live there in the dark sea´s bottom ground,
unseen from the blackness around but always there, in Acadia.

Into this dark and no time space, all entities that live there were born ageless and amaranthine,
from emptiness them have been given all dark matter and energy,
all intuition and will, all invisibility and form, all empty and filled shades of black.
and while they live happily there, if ever they want to glister in the endless star fields, they transcend.

  Contact: elyon8@gmail.com